BudgetBug Mobile Discount App
Unparalleled Value. Pocket-Sized Portability

What if you could put more than 150,000 ready-to-use coupons in the palm of your hands? Not just any deals, but savings of up to 50% at neighborhood restaurants, retail stores, hotels, auto shops and more, redeemable in virtually every market in America. Now with the BudgetBug mobile discount network and coupon app, you can. This app is for individuals and also for large corporations, clients and employees.

There are more than 200 million mobile subscribers in the U.S. (and 5.3 billion worldwide), aggressively looking for on-the-go opportunities to save. Yet most deal-finding apps either offer too little relevant value or still require a printed coupon before merchants will honor the discount.

The BudgetBug Mobile app is different. Not only does it use GPS functionality to find the nearest deals, but its on-screen coupons are welcomed at over 150,000 merchant locations throughout America - with no printed coupons necessary, and no confusion at the point of sale. An average person can save $1,500 a year and a more agressive person can save as much as $3,500 a year without changing anything you do in your day to day life, other than now, you would simply use your membership.

The BudgetBug My Deals Mobile App, can be instantly downloaded within iTunes or the Android Market. To activate the app and access the deals, a unique registration code is required, ensuring that the program remains exclusive to select organizations.or individuals. It takes 24-48 hrs to receive your Private login code.

Network content can also be accessed via a file integration protocol, which enables select organizations to integrate the data directly into an existing mobile app.

More Deals in More Places

BudgetBug mobile coupon offers are available in over 5,000 U.S. cities, as well as the top 250 markets in the United States. Our collection of mobile coupons spans both national brands and local merchants in such popular categories as dining, shopping, hotels, recreation and auto services.

Contact us today at (888) 862-9148 for a product demo of the BudgetBug mobile network and to learn how it can help you and your family or how it can support your organization's loyalty, acquisition and upsell efforts.

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